Jaring Pangan Indonesia

Enable Farmers Sell Directly to End User

 Building a holistic end-to-end system from upstream to
downstream by expanding our business to B2B2C retail commerce and multifinance services in the future development.

What We Do?

Japang is mobile-app based integrated food supply chain and financial solutions starting from B2B Commerce with an entry point of
producing private label products starting from basic food needs
About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is changing the supply chain from conventional to digitized by shortening the supply process to the market through the digital agriculture marketplace

Our Product

One of priority commodity in Indonesia, we always ensure the sustainable supply and best quality


5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg


  • Bang JaPang
  • Private Brand (as per request)

Type of Rice:

  • Premium
  • Medium

Eggs have become attractive as a source of protein and as a versatile food source, we supply direct from farm to maintain freshness


  • Bulk: 1,9kg/tray
  • Repack: 10pcs

Type of Egg:

Domestic poultry egg


Biggest protein to consume in Indonesia, we serve the best poultry and meat


Frozen & Fresh

Size :

0,5kg – 0,6kg – 0,7kg – 0,8kg – 1,1kg – 1,2kg – 1,3kg

 Carcass & Parting


Imported buffalo


To compliment basic food needs, we also provide cooking oil, salt and sugar

About Us

Our Journey

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Chicken carcass
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Career Opportunity

Explore and find your career goals with Jaring Pangan Indonesia

Frequently Asked Questions

We can deliver through all Indonesia.

Yes, there will be minimum order, will be different for each product. Contact us for more detailed information.

You can fill-up the form in Contact Us or simply click here to chat with us.

The broken composition we can make as per your requirement.

We sell only high-quality egg, with weight per tray (30pcs) are plus-minus 2 kg.

Yes, we can deliver to your destination. We will send with the container in total quantity plus-minus 10,5 ton.

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